Growing with Purpose


The true value of a family farm stems from the family’s culture and ability to prosper from working the land to create a better quality of life. This way of life demands hard work, knowledge, consistency, risk, sacrifice and mother nature to provide the keys for success. Rural culture was built on this foundation with the dream of prosperity.

Family farming is an agricultural activity owned and operated by a family that relies on it for their primary source of income. Since families invest personally in their farming legacy, they have a greater stake in the operations of their livestock and their land.


Building Blocks to the Future

FamliFarm started with the dream of working with its independent operating partners to promote the successful rural cannabis operation.

How FamliFarm Supports the Independent Family Farmer

We provide:

  • A robust platform to enable & support market access and consumables, and
  • Financial support to help FamliFarmers successfully raise their crops and receive fair compensation for their efforts.
Providing a Growing National Marketplace

Stand-alone and independent producers lack a market presence large enough to protect market share and service premium contracts.

FamliFarm elps producers collectively bridge that gap — raise crops on their family land while earning enough to support their family and contribute to the local community.

Paying a Premium

We pay FamliFarmers a premium to grow a superior product that complies with our strict protocols.

Investing in Longstanding Partnerships

We invest in a longstanding, committed partnership with each farm, including select capital commitments to develop and expand opportunities. Most importantly, these families are part of our family and therefore they are partners with all our decisions.

Building Relationships

Our on-the-ground team of master growers and operational specialists visits each operating facility regularly to build relationships, provide ongoing support and ensure strict operating protocols are being followed.


FamliFarms employs a comprehensive traceability program to track production and supplies through the Cultivation, Harvest, QA Testing and Transportation operations:


For indoor cultivation, each grow pod, room or cultivation lot is assigned a globally unique 16-digit identifier. To ensure accountability and traceability this identifier records and archives the crop production cycle; plant and room maintenance; additives; and employee interactions.


All cannabis components are batched by material-type. Batched material receives a new 16-digit identifier that contains plant history since propagation. Batched material includes wet and dried contents of crop, seed and by-products.


Cannabis and hemp are tested for chemicals, contaminants and other harmful additives prior to being approved for sale. Test results, including potency, are automatically assigned and printed on product labels.


A detailed manifest must be completed prior to transporting all product for sale or disposal. The manifest displays the shipment’s origin; a detailed content list, including quantity; destination and driver credentials; and the entire chain of custody.


FamliFarms' goal of sustainable agriculture is to meet strategic operational objectives without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. FamliFarms seek to integrate three main objectives into the company operations:

  • A healthy and sustainable environment;
  • Economic profitability; and
  • Social and Economic equity.